Any festivals or events in March in Vietnam?

QuestionsCategory: VietnamAny festivals or events in March in Vietnam?
Georges Cuvier asked 6 years ago

Hello everyone, In early March 2015 , We are travelling from HCM City to Nhatrang, Hoi An, then Hue, then Hanoi, then Halong Bay and finally back to HCM. I ‘m wondering whether there are any festivals or events we should try and get to?

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zoomvietnam Staff answered 6 years ago

There are many festival in Vietnam in March 3rd lunar month • 10th day of 1st lunar month to the last day of 3rd lunar month: Yên Tử Festival, Yên Tử mountain, Thượng Yên Công commune, Uông Bí, Quảng Ninh Province, North Vietnam • 3rd lunar month: Central Highland Elephant Racing, Đôn village, Đắk Lắk Province • 3rd day to 8th day of 3rd lunar month: Phủ Dày Festival, Kim Thái commune, Vụ Bản District, Nam Định Province • 4th day to 7th day of 3rd lunar month: Thầy pagoda Festival, Sài Sơn commune, Quốc Oai District, Hà Tây Province • 10th day of 3rd lunar month: Hùng Kings’ Festival, Hùng Vương Temple, Phú Thọ Province • 10th day of 3rd lunar month: Trường Yên Festival, Hoa Lư District, Ninh Bình Province • 10th day to 12th day of 3rd lunar month: Chử Đồng Tử Temple Festival, Đa Hoà village, Châu Giang District, Hưng Yên Province • 15th day of 3rd lunar month: Đô Temple Festival, Đình Bảng village, Từ Sơn District, Bắc Ninh Province • 23rd day of 3rd lunar month: Lệ Mật village Festival, Lệ Mật village, Việt Hưng commune, Gia Lâm District, Hà Nội capital. So you can combine the trip and attend of those festivals   Choi Trau Festival, Do Son  

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