Bac Ha or Muong Hum Market?

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Huong Giang Staff asked 5 years ago

We will be visiting Sapa at the end of Dec this year. We heard about markets  in Sapa.

We specially planned the trip  on Sunday to visit one of the markets.

We read thatBac Ha  is the biggest market but is more touristy while Muong Hum is more authentic. Between Bac Ha and Muong Hum market, which one would you choose to visit and why?

And how are the road conditions to both markets?

All recommendation and information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

As you know, both Bac Ha and Muong Hum are quite famous and attract a lot of tourist. Personally, I’ll visit both of them if I could. However, If you have only Sunday in Sa pa, I suggest that you should choose Bac Ha. This is the largest and most colorful market of the ethnic minorities and within Vietnam and is most certainly worth the effort. Don’t worry too much about tourist; this does not seem to impact too much on the market as there are many local there.

Bac Ha market
Visiting Bac Ha market, you can go by car or trekking. Taking car is easy to go there, however, trekking is a kind of hard trek, and you should consider this.
Have a nice trip!

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