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Huong Giang Staff asked 5 years ago

We have  plan to travel to Myanmar next January.

Is it possible to travel overland from Bagan to Mrauk U and if so what are options?

or  Is it possible by boat?

Look forward to your advice.

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Mrauk U is the heartland of Bagan and it is one of the most popular destinations of visitors. You can travel overland from Bagan to Mrauk U. The most convenient transport is bus and the trip takes about 20 hours. 
You can book ticket in advance by yourself or ask hotels or travel agencies. From Nyaung U (or Bagan), It takes 4 hours to Magwe by the local bus. Here take the direct bus to Mrauk U and this trip is about 16 hours. You have to pay full fare price is 30 000 Kyat an additional 5000 kyat supplement for foreigner. 
If you get Mrauk U from Bagan by boat, the total ticket price is more expensive, of course. Going by private boat takes 6-7 hours (100 000 kyat). Slow ferries operate  Tuesday and Sunday only and cost 15000 kyat. You also use fast ferry once a week with 20 000 kyat.

Getting Mrauk U from Bagan

Hope this information is useful for you.
Have a nice trip.

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