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Huong Giang Staff asked 5 years ago


I would like to travel the Mekong river from Luang Prabang via Pakbeng to Houay Xay with a slow boat.

Do you have any experience how much these tours ?

Which boat is cheap?


Thanks for your advice.

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello there, 
Currently, tourism in Laos has developed; this means you can get Houay Xay from Luang Prabang by slow boat is quite easy. This trip takes nearly 2 days and the total ticket price is about 220 Kip. If you buy tickets on the pier, you have to buy at the pier in Luang Prabang and Pakbeng and can negotiate the price. However, you also book these tickets from your hotels or travel agencies in advance to make sure that you can get a good seat. 

Luang Prabang-Houay Xay

There is still one thing you should to know. If you want to travel to Houay Xay via Pakbeng, you have to stay Pakeng 1 nights, and you should book the hotel in Pakbeng in advance.
Hope this is useful for you.

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