When is Bun Pha Wet in Laos?

QuestionsCategory: LaosWhen is Bun Pha Wet in Laos?
dina1 Staff asked 5 years ago

If any body know when is Bun Pha Wet in Laos?

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Bun Pha Wet – This holiday takes place on the fourth lunar month, celebrating the birth of the Buddha reincarnated as the Prince Vessantara. Monks bring the Vessantara Story Cloth through town in a procession known as Phaa Phawet. Believers make merit by listening to a non-stop sermon on the birth of Vessantara, read from 14 sets of palm leaf manuscript.

Bun Pha Wet is set at different dates in different villages, so Lao townsfolk can celebrate the holiday at home and visit other loved ones at other villages for their respective celebrations. Bun Pha Wet is also a favored time for Lao males to enter the monkhood.

The most scenic celebrations of Bun Pha Wet take place at That Luang in Vientiane and Wat Phu in Champassak.

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