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dina1 Staff asked 5 years ago


I plan to travel to Phu quoc in  March 2016, stay there one week then travel to Cambodia.

Can anyone tell me the best way to travel from Phu Quoc into Cambodia? We want to go to Sihanoukville.

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MountFansipan Staff answered 5 years ago

You can get from Phu Quoc to Cambodia (Sihanoukville) by crossing the border at Ha Tien, on the coast of Southern Vietnam. Allocate a whole day of travel to get from Phu Quoc to Sihanoukville in Cambodia as there’s a lot of waiting around involved, particularly at the border. If you’re travelling to Kampot or Kep, this takes 1-2 hours less than travelling to Sihanoukville, but the journey will be the same as Sihanoukville is the final destination.
Journey Times: 7:30 am– 4 pm / 12:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Transport: Bus & Ferry

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