Comparison between Myanmar and  Cambodia

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travel Staff asked 2 years ago

Comparison between Myanmar and  Cambodia

How does Myanmar compare to places like Cambodia in food safety, driving safety, crime, prices? “Should I travel in Myanmar or cambodia? Which place attracts more tourists between Myanmar and Cambodia? Which country is safer between Myanmar and Cambodia? ”




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Sam Staff answered 2 years ago

With thousands of ancient temples spread throughout the country, Myanmar gives visitors a sense of peaceful atmosphere nowhere else. Coming to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient Yangon ancient capital; Inle Lake with beautiful scenery; Mandalay city with attractive attractions such as Shwenandaw monastery made of wood, Kuthodaw Paya temple with the world’s largest book, Royal palace … All create a disturbing Myanmar.
Cambodia is a land of pagodas and temples, so most of the tourist sites here are related to the temple tower. Silver Pagoda is the largest temple in Cambodia, real silver on the floor and is dedicated to the Buddha statue.
The most distinctive in Cambodia is probably the vast complex of Angkor monuments, a UNESCO world heritage site. Angkor has over 1000 ancient temples of all sizes and shapes with Khmer architectural style, in which Ankor Wat is the largest and most beautiful temple.
Cambodia also has the coastal city Sihanouk in the center of a small peninsula jutting out into the Gulf of Thailand. Guests can visit some pretty white sand beaches surrounding the peninsula’s coast. All beaches have bars, restaurants serving cold drinks, umbrellas and loungers, seafood, night parties, water sports. In addition, two places of ecotourism at the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary and Mondolkiri Forest Reserve are also attractions.
So it is up to you to choose the destination as your preference!


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