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zoomvietnam Staff asked 4 years ago

We are interested in visiting Vietnam and may be stay longer  to enjoy the country and culture & people hospitality. My question is how much the cost would be for 3month Vietnam visa

For : 1/Single entry visa

2/Multiple entry visa

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MountFansipan Staff answered 4 years ago


Luckily, Vietnam has new rules for visa this year to attract more tourism. It’ll be cheaper and more extension. But I’m not sure in reality, they’ll apply this.
From 2015/07/01: 

If you are Russian/ Japanese/ Korean/ Danish / Norwegian/ Swedish or Finnish, you don’t need visa to Vietnam if your trip’s just within 15 days, apply to any type of passport.

If you are from ASEAN, it’ll be 30 days (except for Brunei, it’ll be 14 days).

In your case, 3-months trip, multi-entry visa will cost you about 95USD (the fee for 3-6 months). 
For traveller, 1 month visa cost 60USD and the maximum time you can travel in Vietnam is 3 months. 
Currently a 6 month multiple entry visa on arrival costs $370.


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