Friendly hotel in Siemreap for solo women in the mid 38-40 years old

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zoomvietnam Staff asked 7 years ago

This winter I plan to travel to Cambodia. I wonder if anyone recommend a friendly hotel in Siemreap for solo women of  38-40 years old. Thank you

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dina1 Staff answered 7 years ago

It’s not difficult to find a friendly hotel in Siemriep. I’ll recommend you some hotels I know that have a reasonable price and good service. Hope you have a best trip ever there Serena.
– Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap: Top 2 Hotel in Siem Reap, located in town, easily walk to other place and near to Angkor temple. There’s a pool, a bar, and a restaurant, all are great. Service is exceptionally good.
Contact: 00 855 63 761 998

– Golden Temple Villa: One of my friend stayed there and she said to me “The staff goes above and beyond to be accommodating and help you with any of your needs. The place is beautiful and such a convenient location. Amazing welcome and amazing time!. Best hotel ever!!!” 
Contact: 00 855 12 943 459
Cost: >25$/day

– Khmer Mansion Boutique Hotel: Luxury in reasonable price, located in town, only 3 minutes walking distance from Night Market and Pub Street, have service to pick you up from the airport to the hotel. Every single staff is insanely friendly and polite and the swimming pool is perfect.
Contact: 00 855 89 485 001
Cost: >50$/day

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