Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival in Nha Trang City (Cam Ranh Airport)

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dina1 Staff asked 8 years ago

Can I get Vietnam Visa on arrival at Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang City?

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MountFansipan Staff answered 8 years ago

Regarding the port of entry where foreign visitors should receive Vietnam visa stamp, it has been commonly mentioned that only 3 international airports in Vietnam i.e. Noi Bai international airport – Hanoi city, Da Nang airport – Da Nang city and Tan Son Nhat international airport – Ho Chi Minh city will accept Vietnam visa on arrival. Otherwise, travelers need to change the flight to one of above airports to do necessary formalities.

Now, we would like to inform that you are allowed to use your approval letter and get visa stamped at Cam Ranh Int’l airport in Nha Trang city without any problems. There is no need to change your flight if your arrival port is Nha Trang city.


The procedure to get visa stamped at Cam Ranh Int’l airport is quite the same to other international airports in Vietnam. Here are a few things you need to prepare before reaching Immigration counter

–          Your passport (valid for 6 months at least)

–          2 photos of passport size  ( 4 x 6 cm)

–          The approval letter (issued by

–          Stamp fee in cash


What is the procedure?

–          Fill in Entry/Exit form with your correct details. You can download On Arrival Form in advance to save time at the airport

–          Provide the form and all other documents to Immigration Officers and pay the stamp fee

–          Wait for your visa stamped on your passport

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Applying for a Vietnam Visa on arrival is so easy and convenient for applicants. Once obtaining the approval letter, visitors can get the visa stamp at Vietnam International Airports. However, some people are confused while filling out the visa form on our website to choose arrival ports. There are always only 3 options: Ho Chi Minh Airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport/ Sai Gon Airport), Da Nang Airport, Ha Noi Airport (Noi Bai Airport).

Sometimes, we have received questions such as: Do I have get the visa stamp at Cam Ranh airport? What should I do when my arrival port is in Nha Trang? Do I have to change my flight to Ha Noi Airport? ,…

Now please do not worry about that because you can get the visa stamp at Cam Ranh international airport if you have the approval letter in hand. So you do not need changing your flight, you just apply online on our website and choose Cam Ranh airport when apply. That’s enough. We will help you proceed visa and send you via email, then you print it out and use it for boarding the plane and get the visa stamp at Cam Ranh Airport to enter Vietnam normally.


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