Hang Son Doong Cave in Central Vietnam

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travel Staff asked 4 years ago

We would like to see Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. It looks fantastic. Should we make sure to see it on our trip in later this year?

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dina1 Staff answered 4 years ago

Son Doong cave is the biggest cave in the world. Discovering Son Doong is the most thrilling adventure tour in the world. This tour is limited tourists and in 2015, there were 500 people could book this tour. If you want to see Son Doong Cave in later this year is impossible because the tour closed from Sep to Jan due to the flooding season during this time. Therefore, you should book the tour from Sep to Jan and if you success to register with US$3,000 for price, you have to pass the health test before starting this adventurous and thrilling tour.

The incredible beauty of Son Doong Cave
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