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Huong Giang Staff asked 7 years ago
How does Chi Phat place look like?
Can you give us a piece of advise for hiking and homestaying out there?
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dina1 Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Huong Giang, as far as I know, Chi Phat offers simple, clean accommodation in homestays, guesthouses and bungalows. All accommodation comes with beds with foam mattresses, simple bathrooms, towels, mosquito nets, and a friendly welcome.

Chi Phat has limited electricity, so there is no aircon or hot water. You may not miss the aircon too much: most guesthouses and homestays are traditional Cambodian houses, designed with good ventilation to keep you cool. Some homestays even have battery fans that run overnight.

You can book accommodation in Chi Phat in advance, or when you arrive.

I’ll suggest you an itinerary for one day in Chi Pat:

– Start early as you leave Phnom Penh and drive 190km (118 miles, 5 hours) to the riverside community of Andoung Teuk. Board the Chi Phat Community boat for a 2 hour upstream journey along the Preak Piphot River.

During this ride, be on the lookout for birds and mammals coming to the water’s edge to drink.

– Upon arrival in the small, remote community of Chi Phat you meet the eco-tourism staff and get a short introduction regarding their hard work within the community.

– Then check-in to your home-stay. Walk to the nearby Chhay Chrey rapids with a local guide (about 2 kilometers, 1 mile) where you can relax in the cool refreshing waters.

– Come back

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