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dina1 Staff asked 8 years ago
We intend to book tour to remote area of Northern Vietnam for 12 days, we will stay with local family, can you tell me what is home stay like?
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MountFansipan Staff answered 8 years ago

Staying in  hotels is a great way to get a feel for the culture you’re visiting but if you really want to understand more about the daily lives of the local people, then there really is no substitute for spending a few days as a homestay guest.
The homestays in Northern Vietnam are at tradition houses of ethnic minority families which are quite large and built from wood. There is very little natural light in the houses as they are not often built with many windows. The bed rooms for guests are built as an addition to the house and offer very simple, rustic amenities such as a bed, straw mattress, small pillow and blankets. Mosquito nets are provided as well. One should not expect any form of luxury. To stress how basic the rooms are, these are as authentic as it gets! The design and construction of the hilltribe homes and beds have changed very little in nearly 100 years. Rest assured, you will be protected from the elements as the homes are very safe and sturdy.
Some pictures of homestay in Northern Vietnam as below:

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