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Huong Giang Staff asked 4 years ago
I interested in night market in hanoi on weekend, but I hear that seller will quote price more expensive and buyer must bargain to have reasonable price.Can you tell me some ways to bargain?
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MountFansipan Staff answered 4 years ago

To get better deal in Vietnam, you are supposed to take into consideration some bargaining tips as follows:
1 – It is vital to keep in mind that you will only be able to win the deal when you do it with grace and humour. So, just consider bargaining as a game or an entertaining activity and enjoy it. As foreigners, it is not easy for you to use your words to persuade them to reduce their price as most of the locals do not speaking English well; therefore, your only remaining arm is your smile and your friendliness.
2 – You should not bargain with the first person who approaches you due to some reasons. Firstly, the first salesman often quotes the highest price as they assume that you have no idea about the price and you would be “a chicken”. Secondly, going further, you are likely to be offered a better deal by others and you have chance to compare different prices.
3 – Walking away is a bargaining tool that you should not forget to use. If they call you back, do not let your pride get in the way of coming back. Otherwise, your above trick is useless. – Buying something in a third-world country does not necessarily mean that you are certainly ripped off as sometimes the given price is the real one.
4 – You are supposed to bargain in Vietnamese currency (VND) rather than in USD or your currency as in Vietnam, it is widely believed that who has dollars can afford to spend them.
5 – When you are bargaining, it is nothing wrong to tell lies as these lies do no harm at all. You could win salesmen’s heart and have their compassion by your lies, surly resulting in a better deal for you.
6 – It is necessary to carry small bills as you are acting like a poor, right? Bargaining is a tradeoff between time and money, so if you are in a hurry, just forget it and be ready to pay for your desired products and services. Hope that you would definitely have fun with your bargaining.

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