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travel Staff asked 2 years ago

Hsipaw Safety Situation

How are recent information about the safety situation in Hsipaw and the surroundings? Is Hsipaw enough to safe for traveling? Security situation in Hsipaw? Should foreign tourists travel to Hsipaw? Experiences when visiting Hsipaw?

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Sam Staff answered 2 years ago

🙂 Hisipaw is a beautiful town of Myanmar, which is famous as a peaceful town with beautiful farms and rice fields. Discovering this town is a great experience for those who love Myanmar’s rural life.
It is totally safe for you and so peaceful for you to try a visit!
Hsipaw, also known as Thibaw, is a peaceful town located north of Mandalay, about 200 km from Mandalay. This town is adjacent to the south of Thailand and has a very unique cultural interference. Hsipaw town is a typical place for rural beauty of Myanmar. Visitors can visit this town by bus for 4000 kyats from Mandalay. Visitors can also come to town from Inle but the distance traveled will be much further.
Hsipaw has a very typical setting for the countryside with fields, streams … Visitors should rent a bicycle and explore the beauty of nature on their own. Guests will see the endless fields, go through the small bridges, meet the farmers who are making copper, herding cattle and talking to them. The rustic but extremely attractive scenery, Hsipaw will give visitors a very close and friendly feeling.
Visit Hsipaw waterfall is a must do thing 🙂
To reach the waterfall visitors will need to walk, but the distance to work will also bring visitors a great experience. See the village of the locals, the fields and the rich nature. Hsipaw waterfall is beautiful and majestic, white water from above descends like beautiful and incredibly beautiful white silk strips. In addition to sightseeing, visitors can cool off in the lake area at the foot of the waterfall. After a long journey, being immersed in the cool water and enjoying the relaxing feeling is a great experience for visitors.
See the sunset
Myanmar seems to be a beautiful country to watch the sunset when there are many beautiful sunset views in this country. In addition to U Bein Bridge, Inle Lake, Bagan … Hsipaw town is also a place with a beautiful sunset scene. The best place to watch the sunset at Hsipaw is Sunset Hill in the south of town, . Visitors can reach this hill by bicycle then climb the hill and admire the view.
Hsipaw Town Market
On your way to Sunset Hill to watch the sunset, remember to visit the colorful local market right by the road. This market is sold full of local products, especially fruits and agricultural products of the people. At this market visitors will also be able to explore the unique cultural interplay of Shan Myanmar people with Thai people, among them seem to have very special similarities. Going shopping, buying a few items and talking to the sellers is a great experience.
Shan Palalce
If you are interested in the culture and history of Hsipaw town, Shan Palalce is the place to visit. Here, visitors will be told about the events of history and bold indigenous cultures of Myanmar.
Traveling to Hsipaw town for sightseeing and cultural discoveries will surely bring you the journey to discover the temples of visitors with interesting colors. Remember to visit Hsipaw if you have a chance.

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