Is November a good time to visit Mekong?

QuestionsCategory: VietnamIs November a good time to visit Mekong?
travel Staff asked 2 years ago

Good time to visit Mekong

Visit mekong delta in november

What’s interesting about visiting Mekong Delta in november? What is special things in Mekong compared with other months? Is november  Ideal Visit mekong delta in november. What’s interesting thing to visit Mekong Delta in November? What is special things to see in comparison with other months? Is november ideal time?
















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Huong Giang Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, November is ideal time to visit Mekong.
Mekong Delta, also called as Nine Dragon river delta, is the region in the South West of Vietnam.The weather of Southern Vietnam is very stable throughout the year with the average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Although it could be rainy in some months, any day during the year would be great time for tourists to visit Mekong Delta. However, the best time for visiting is between September and November as these months are the floating season in Mekong Delta. This season attracts not only international tourists but also Vietnamese people since there are many interesting things to experience.

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