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travel Staff asked 2 years ago

Myanmar Travel in August

Planning for trip in Myanmar around August? What are famous sights in Myanmar? Transport in Myanmar? Weather in Myanmar on August? Must do things in Myanmar? Delicious plats in Myanmar? Tips traveling in Myanmar? Myanmar Trip August?

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Sam Staff answered 2 years ago

For lovers of peace, Myanmar is NOT a bad choice. Owning a rich identity culture, Buddha land promises to bring visitors an interesting trip.
With thousands of ancient temples spread throughout the country, Myanmar is known as the land of Buddha. In August, this place is in the middle of the low season of tourist spots. As a result, the cost of the trip may be much less than the period from November to February.
Moreover, the density of rain is distributed among different regions. In Yangon, it can be raining day and night, but in Bagan and Mandalay, rainfall is very low.
If you are a foreigner entering Myanmar from Vietnam and your country is not on the list of countries that are exempt from visa, you certainly have to pay money to apply for this country’s visa. Price 50-80 USD, depending on nationality.
Note, when entering the country, visitors should bring large items of value over 300 USD with them and leave them in their handbags. The maximum amount of money you can bring and do not need to declare to the customs is 2,000 USD.
Foreign tourists coming to Myanmar from Vietnam must declare their customs paper for the first time into Vietnam.
Flight tickets
Many airlines serve Vietnam – Myanmar flight. Visitors can choose destinations as cities like Madalay, Bagan or Yangon.
In particular, flights to Yangon are the cheapest and the most. Journey to Mandalay and Bagan will be more expensive and there is no direct flight.
i hope you have a good trip to Myanmar. Inform me if you need any help

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