Optimum way to reach Vientiane from Siemreap

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dina1 Staff asked 5 years ago

Optimum way to reach Vientiane from Siemreap? If by  travel overland crossing the border, is it better doing so via Thailand border in Poipet or than that via Laos border?

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Snowflake,
You have 3 ways to go Vientiane from Siemreap:
– Fly: it’s the fastest way but not cheap at all comparing to other choices
– Work your way down around to the Laos/Cambodia border and then up Laos into Vientiane. You can do it in 2 days  but I would advise taking at least 3 if not a week or more to stop at some of the sights along the way. The buses in Laos and Cambodia are not all that comfortable so I advise against this route if you are in a hurry.
– Take a bus or fly to Bangkok and then take night train up to Nong Khai and then minibus/bus to the border and then into Vientiane. If you want to save money I believe this would be your most comfortable way to do this trip. 

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