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travel Staff asked 3 years ago

Restaurants and tailor shops in  Hoian. Place to eat and shop in Hoian

Are there restaurants and shops near the beach  or we must stayt  in Hoian to do that?

Famous restaurants & shops near the beach in Hoian ? Restaurant with sea view in Hoi An? How to find a good restaurant near the beach in Hoi An?









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Sam Staff answered 3 years ago

I love Hai Cafe,
Glory Morning
Sakura – A japanese restaurants
Fisherman – Vegan restaurant
Little Faifo

Vy’s Kitchen

For seaview:

Go to An Bang beach

Visit : Shore club,

Deck House

La Plage

Kukun Bar

Cua Dai Beach:

Quan Cay Gio.

I dont think fashion boutiques there are beautiful.




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