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dina1 Staff asked 7 years ago
I really like Sapa trekking, how do you define: easy trekking, intermediate & hard trekking?
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MountFansipan Staff answered 7 years ago

Trekking: Is a category of adventure travel, typically involving visits to remote areas, with overnight lodging in tents or other minimal accommodation. It is less strenuous than hiking but more strenuous then walking.
In comparison to trekking in Nepal or India, the trekking in Sapa is easy. But, because of the rapid weather changes, and the severe ups and downs on some of the trails; we have to classify the trekking as moderate. Please be aware of the time it takes to reach each destination so that you can confirm that it will suit your abilities.
Easy trekking: Harder than walking, trekking trail is not steep, has some ups and downs, often in a short time.
Moderate trekking: Trekking trail has ups and downs, but not so steep. Trail will become more difficult in poor weather.
Intermediate to Hard trekking: Trekking route has a steep incline and often is off road in remote areas, very difficult during periods of rain.
Every situation depends on weather, especially in Sapa.





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