Transportation options during Tet 2015

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dina1 Staff asked 5 years ago

I ‘m looking to travel in Vietnam for 4 weeks starting from early  February 2015, I start the trip in Ho Chi Minh city and travel up North. That means I will be mostly likely there during the whole Tet festival period.

I’m concerned about the transfer & transportation and thus need some information prior to departure. Can anyone give me advise  on how I can book  bus/train/air tickets online or arrange this through a reliable local travel agency?

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MountFansipan Staff answered 5 years ago

I recommend you should book with for airticket online. You can choose the date/departure time and the class. It is easy to book if the place is available. For train ticket, you can book also in advance to secure the seat both ways. As for the car it is recommended to book before hand as many people are on the move during Tet holiday
Hope the above information will be useful for you!

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