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travel Staff asked 3 years ago

Travel Koh Rong Island

Is it possibe to travel to Koh Rong in September ? Will Koh Rong islands will be too open in September because of Low season and rains ? Will enough restaurants, bars, cafes etc be open ?Are there currency exchange in the island or is it too expensive to get USD changed? How is food in Koh Rong? Delicious dishes in Koh Rong? Specialties in Koh Rong?

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Huong Giang Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, it is  possible to travel to Koh Rong in September. It is the rainy season in Koh Rong from middle of May through the beginning of November however, the rainiest month is October. The rain showers are usually brief and the heaviest of them all normally occur at night when everyone is sleeping. This means that most of the rain will not ruin major amounts of time for those who choose to visit during that time of the year.
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