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dina1 Staff asked 4 years ago
My friend and I will be on a trip to HCM city and we intend on going to Phuquoc Island for a few days. Please advise the local attractions and interesting specialties of this island. Also we wonder if it safe to get around ?
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MountFansipan Staff answered 4 years ago

Phu Quoc island’s will be the interesting site in your trip. If you interested in culture there are some interesting fishing villages to see and several temples and pagodas.The island is famous for growing pepper, you can see it growing all over the northern part. Many farms are happy to show you what they do.

The most attractive of Phu Quoc are beaches that are both stunningly beautiful and deserted in just one place. The triangular-shaped island has many good beaches, like Long Beach on the western side, which is also the biggest and where most of the hotels are located. Bai Sao, on the east coast, is a favourite spot – possibly the best beach on Phu Quoc.

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