Traveling independtly is ok in Putao Myanmar?

QuestionsCategory: MyanmarTraveling independtly is ok in Putao Myanmar?
Metallica asked 6 years ago

My friend and I will be on a trip to Myanmar and we plan to visit  Putao for a few weeks. Is travelling  independently  ok? What are the accommodation like there?

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dina2 Staff answered 6 years ago

Not many going for independent travelling around Putao….no mountain bikes for rent, and no river rafting – other than on expensive tour.Putao is mainly geared towards multi-day trekking trips to snow-capped mtns , with tour companies and guides. Other than walking 15min to a nearby Shan village close to town….you can do day trips around Putao, but still requires travelling with a guide, and likely hiring motorbikes for you and guide (20,000 kyat per bike per day..) – or if 2 of you maybe hire a 3 wheeler, but slower going and rougher. Also need to apply for the MTT permit for the Putao area

Accommodation – there are 2 basic but clean guesthouses, both have rooms with share bathroom for 30,000 Kyat for 1 person, and around 50,000 kyat for 2…most rooms have 2 single beds

Putao is quite a small quiet town with not much to do other than guided trips…nice scenery with snow-capped mountainous around

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