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Huong Giang Staff asked 5 years ago


I plan to travel to Laos  in December.

My idea is made some trekking tour on the North of laos: from Luang Prabang  to Phongsali then  to Luang Namta (and Muang Sing / Muang Long)

I know that there’s a boat that make Luang Prabang to Phongsali but not every day, is there anyone know its  latest schedule? or is it  better with the Bus, is 16 hours correctly? and the bus arrive in Phongsali..

or i can do Luang Prabang Nong Khiaw with boat (i read that i very beautiful) and after from Nong Khiaw take a bus?

Any advice?

Really thanks

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Phongsali is the land of green teas and it’s worth to discover. If you go to Phongsali from Luang Phrabang, you can use bus or boat:

  1. Bus: Bus from Luang Phrabang to Phongsali often departs at 16 p.m-18 p.m with 150,000 Kip and takes 16 hours.
  2. Boat: By boat from Luang Prabang via Nongkhiaw, Muang Khoua south of Phongsaly Province. it takes 2 days. and Yes, make boat from Luang Prabang to Phongsali but not every day and it’ll leaves when full without following any scheduled departure times.


Luang Phrabang to Phongsali

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