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dina1 Staff asked 5 years ago


I was thinking of visiting Laos in early August. I happened to look up the weather situation in Laos in August and the website suggested that it was a bad month to visit because of the rains. The same website said that despite the rain in Cambodia, it was still a good month to visit, so why not in Laos? Give me some advices, please!

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dina1 Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello there,

The best time to discover Lao is between October and April. However, if you want to visit it in early August, it’s difficult to go some mountainous or remote areas like Phongsali and Muang Sing because August is the peak of wet season with the heavy rain and humidity; even flooding is also an issue. However, if you have planned to go to Lao in August, you’ll still enjoy the beauty in the South of this country. Natural landscape is fresher now with more animal in the forest and region’s waterfalls are the most beautiful at that time.

I suggest some areas where the weather is more positive and get a fair bit of rain for you such as Vientiane, Luang Praban, the 4000 Islands, Bolaven Plateau and Champasak.
I hope it’s helpful for you. Have a nice trip!

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