What is the visa application to Myanmar?

QuestionsCategory: MyanmarWhat is the visa application to Myanmar?
Limbo Slam asked 6 years ago

What is the visa condition applicable for Myanmar? Can we have it done online or upon arrival to Myanmar? What are the procedure?Can we provide the photos when landing or we must send it prior to departure?

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dina1 Staff answered 6 years ago

For visa of tourism in Myanmar, it allows you to stay 28days or exactly 4 weeks in Myanmar. In case you really need to extend, you can extend 2 more weeks.

It is very easy to get  e-visa now in Myanmar. Within  4steps, you can get e visa approval
1.Fill in the secure online visa form
2.Confirm and pay
3.Get approval letter within 3 days
4.Get eVisa stamped upon arrival

You just need to prepare the photos when you arrive at airport

For more information, please see the link below:: http://www.myanmarevisa.gov.mm
Hope it’s will hepl you!

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