What to see and do in Kep?

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travel Staff asked 4 years ago

What to see and do in Kep?

How has kep changed over the years? Are the roads very muddy? Do locals flood the beach on the weekend? How is the beach? Are there many tourists coming to Kep? Interesting sights and activities in Kep?





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Sam Staff answered 4 years ago

you can take a trip to Rabbit Island 🙂 It is fun! Rabbit Island is just a 20-minute boat ride from Kep. The beach is longer than that on the mainland and the views are beautiful. Tranquil and serene, hop in a hammock and enjoy beachside bliss. There are several places to eat and drink on the island, so no need to worry about getting hungry.  

Huong Giang Staff answered 4 years ago

Here are some acitivities travellers like to do in Kep:
1. Laze on the sandy beach
2. Take a trip to Rabbit Island3. Snap a picture of the large statues
4. Experience the Crab Market and dig into delicious seafood
5. Relax in a swaying hammock
6. Spot historic villas from the colonial period
7. Visit a local pepper farm
8. Enjoy outdoor adventures in Kep National Park
9. Explore Bokor Hill Station

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